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Commissioned pieces

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I’d given the sculptures to Tiff this weekend and she absolutely loves them. LOVES them!!


I’ve also shared some of the photos you sent me so that she could see the process and she was delighted to see how it all happened and to know that we’ve been conspiring on this for so long!


Thank you so, so much again for creating exactly the vision I had in mind and giving us a pair of beautiful sculptures that we will treasure for a long, long time. We’re still tinkering with different locations in the house to see where works best, but once we’ve settled on a final resting place we’ll be sure to send you photos for your website!


Tiffany Willis and Steve Jamison


I am Steve Jamison’s sister and I wanted to write you a note to thank you for the wonderful sculpture you made Steve for my birthday. I absolutely love it and it has pride of place in the lounge in my flat.


It’s a beautiful piece of work that you must have put so much time into, and it means even more because it was made by someone I know, personally for me, and with my brother’s input. - Helen Jamison


Thank you very very much - it’s a wonderful way for me to remember my mum and think about my brother, and I will treasure it forever.

'Double Cuddle'


Double Cuddle was commissioned by Steve Jamison as a gift for his sister, Helen, to commemorate their mother who died very young - thus the photos of the three of them (below) which provided me with my inspiration.

'Peony Love'

'Peony Love' was also commissioned by Steve Jamison, for his partner, Tiffany, as an engagement present. The wedding takes place on the 10th June 2017..


I made several maquettes  for the work and in the end created two sculptures from the same piece of wood, so there's a 'Peony Love 1' and a 'Peony Love 2'. The client liked each of them so much that he bought both.


'Les Girls'


Les Girls was commissioned by Jane Hack, who wanted a piece for her garden that represented her relationship with her three daughters. Again I made several maquettes and she chose the one she preferred.


I commissioned a piece of garden sculpture from Alison to reflect the close relationship I have with my three daughters.  I wanted to have a piece of sculpture that was not only beautiful but frost proof and not too heavy so that I could move it around the garden with the seasons so that it could always be positioned to show its best all year round.


The finished sculpture is perfect.  In consultation with Alison we settled on a blue glaze as this would enhance so many plant combinations - pinks, oranges, yellows and of course green.  


I am delighted with my sculpture and proud to have something so beautiful in my garden that reflects the relationship of me and my girls.