Alison McGechie

Artist Maker


From my earliest experiments in art I have found the variety and beauty of the human form endlessly fascinating - for me the human element is vital.


It wasn't until I trained to teach in my mid twenties that I received any formal art training. It was then, whilst following a course in ceramic sculpture, that I became committed to 3D work.


In subsequent years whilst working as an English teacher and raising children, I kept my passion for sculpture alive, producing work in a variety of media - clay, wood, cold-casting, stone; always persisting with the life drawing which gave me my inspiration.


In 2011, I gained an honours degree in Materials Practice at Brighton University, specialising in metal and wood.


I work from Studio 5 in the re-developed Brighton Open Market, producing sculpture in a range of materials for sale, commission and exhibition. I also run workshops in clay for children and adults.


I am an active member of Sussex County Arts Club and Adur Art Collective.

I'm loving having my own space to display my work, make new work and run workshops.


It's stimulating to be working in the market environment and a delight to chat to people about what I do as they come to look around.


Here (right), I am demonstrating making a coil pot in the market plaza. It was great fun. Visitors to the market stopped to watch and talk about the work, and some were even inspired to have a go themselves.


When I'm in my own space, Studio 5, upstairs on the mezzanine level, I can get on with creating pieces in clay, stone and wood. Below I'm decorating a handbuilt bowl.


And every week I run classes and workshops for children and adults to learn how to make lovely objects in clay themselves. Take a look through the two galleries on this page to see some of the participants and their excellent pieces.

The studio

IMG_0004 Me in the market 72